emusic allows you to download your choice of over 8,000,000 songs, without the 'normal' restrictions. You can burn unlimited CDs, and their MP3s are compatible with all MP3 players. The www.emusic.com/lovefilm www.emusic.com/mobile35 and www.emusic.com/usb35 promotiuons mean you can get 50 free mp3s and 1 free audiobook.

Reviews for www.emusic.comc

Tonya and Rick on www.emusic.com/usb35 : It works great on our mp3 players. music access is easy and you get the music you want.

Linda J on www.emusic.com/usb35 : I think it is a great site. Awesome choices.

William G on www.emusic.com/lovefilm : good selection.

Ruth E www.emusic.com/maplin : I like the e music.

Cheryl www.emusic.com/maplin : the selection is not that great.

Andi S. on www.emusic.com/mobile35 : I am having a terrible time downloading the music loader, it gets to a certain point and just stops and stays there for hours.

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